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conterminous adj
1 connecting without a break; within a common boundary; "the 48 conterminous states"; "the contiguous 48 states" [syn: contiguous]
2 having a common boundary or edge; touching; "abutting lots"; "adjoining rooms"; "Rhode Island has two bordering states; Massachusetts and Conncecticut"; "the side of Germany conterminous with France"; "Utah and the contiguous state of Idaho"; "neighboring cities" [syn: abutting, adjacent, adjoining, contiguous, neighboring(a)]
3 of equal extent or scope or duration [syn: coextensive, coterminous]

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  1. (of property leases) linked or related and expiring together
  2. (of geographical regions or properties) having matching boundaries; or, adjoining and sharing a boundary
    New York's borough of Brooklyn and Kings County are conterminous.
    To get a building warrant he had to show the plans to "conterminous proprietors", neighbours with whom his property shared a boundary.
  3. having the same scope, range of meaning, or extent in time
  4. meeting end to end or at the ends

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